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It is said that above the arch of the gates of life, it lay written the following: “Abandon all hope ye who are born”. Fortunately no one knows how to read at that point so here we are, falling together, after the very first step we took. From the moment we are born we begin to fall through time, the destination becoming clearer and clearer as time passes. In that newly found desperation we try to find something to cling onto, we want to find a certainty from which we can build ourselves. And for a time we fall peacefully…

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In this article I am going to explain several important python concepts and present their usage. They are very useful in the daily life of a python engineer and are very likely to be found in almost any python interviewer repertoire of question in one form or another.

Let’s begin:


The basic idea of a generator is that it allows you to create a function that has the same behavior as an iterator but without the boiler plate that comes with it.

If for an iterator we have to create a whole new class that implements the __next__ and __iter__…

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Inspired by the existing virtual assistants like Alexa, Google Home or Echo I wanted to create a similar application that was easy customizable and extensible. Of course I know that there is a lot of work and research behind the aforementioned products, but a more basic virtual assistant type application is still doable.

From a high level perspective there are several requirements:

  • It must accept a custom make word (the wake word is the word or phrase that signals the assistant that we are going to give it a command, for example: ‘hey Alexa’)
  • Being able to order different types…

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These days the world is exposed, like a nerve, to a series of harsh truths, that nothing is permanent, there is no certainty, our governments are mostly formed by the “old” and the “blind” and that our democracies are deeply corrupted by demagogy. Of course not all truths are equal or even deserve to be placed in that same sentence, but their validity remains the same and here will serve as base for a lesson that I consider to be important for the years to follow.

Our brain wants to live in a world of certainties and of safety, thus…

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For some time now i wanted to take a better look at how gRPC works and try to implement something with it. After a short session of brainstorming i decided to build a face recognition type application that can be run on different machines or at least in different processes and this is where gRPC comes in. …

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